MozeGear The Tig28 Miniature Timecode Generator

MozeGear The Tig28 Miniature Timecode Generator

Saturday, May 3, 2008

2008 April New products

Countryman EMW Microphone with TA5F connectors ( Black, White, Cocoa and Tan) available here
Countryman B3 Miniature Microphone ( Black, Light Beige, Tan and Cocoa available)

Sanken COS11X-PT & TA5F connection ( Black, White and Beige color available here) Standard and RM versions

Lectrosonics SR Dual Channel Camera Mount Digital Hybrid Receiver

Its HERE!!!

Lectrosonics wireless systems are currently available for Export Sales (Outside Singapore only)
Designed for Broadcast & Film, Video production, Worship Centers, Sporting Events, Theatre, Live Sound etc.
visit: for Products information
visit: for Spectrum Allocations and Approved Wireless Specifications

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