MozeGear The Tig28 Miniature Timecode Generator

MozeGear The Tig28 Miniature Timecode Generator

Friday, October 20, 2023

More microphones and accessories in Q4 2023!

New from MackSound

The new shipment with KC108 Avalon Essential 9ft poles

K-TEK KIP is here again!

KSBP & KSBPXP Stingray Bagpack with integrated harness are here!

New new Stingray sling bag - waist belt for Zoom F3 recorder is here!

New from ORCA Bags DSLR series

The ORCA F3 bag is hot seller!

 More products coming to you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

COVID-19 CB Period in Singapore

Dear AB friends

Due to COVID-19, I have created a new FB page and started listing some of my distributing products, for anyone here in Singapore.
Check out/ Search: AudioBridge e-Shop
Feel free to drop me a message, if you cannot find what you need.
You can also find us on Carousell Singapore!

Thank you!

Stay Safe! Stay at home! See you guys in June!


What we have for you?
Trek 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone Systems are here again!

Don't miss out our 14 - 21 May D32x3 Limited Time Package!


CAD Audio USB microphones for you! 

The dynamic micropphone for live streaming, narration and more!

New Stedman shipment with more headphone hangers!

Original metal popscreens are here again! 
PXL Proscreens in stock NOW!
 Clean up your equipment and audio signals!
2020 NEW! Available in 3 cleaner and refill kits!

U37 Special Edition Camo and Black/Organge are here!
Promotion till 21 May 2020! Free 1 x local delivery

Rycote 7cm short fur classic Softies are in stock again!
Great for short camera microphones.

More essential products/ accessories if you visit our new FB and Carousell pages!
Join & LIKE us TODAY!

Microphone mounts for lavalier microphones for now and after COVID-19 CB period

Visit our new e online pages now to view more essential products we have for you!

Stay safe - Stay healthy - See you in June @ our retail store!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

2019 New Products

Hawk-Woods 2019 First shipment with several new adapters and more batteries for our users in S.E.Asia

DV-BM4 DV-F battery adapter for Blackmagic 4K Pocket camera
VL-MAC-U VLok adapter for MAC

Countryman H7 Directional Headset is now in stock!

Radial Engineering KL-8
Rack-mount keyboard mixer and Digital USB interface
Coming to Singapore in Feb/ Mar 2019

Radial Engineering DINET TX2/RX2 ( NEW!!)
Coming to Singapore soon!

Lectrosonics ALP690 - NEW!!

High Performance UHF LPDA Antenna with Built-in RF Amplifier

 Coming to Singapore in Feb/ Mar with other microphone systems

 We are stocking AEA R88MKIII in Singapore now!

Telefunken-Elektroakustik introduced new ALCHEMY series of Tube condenser microphones at NAMM 2019

PSC Soundcarts will now be available for pre-order now!
Contact us TODAY!

We will be closed for Chinese Lunar New Year between 1 and 9 February.
 Business will resume on 10 February.

新年快乐! 事事顺利! 恭喜发财! 财源滚滚!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Q2 - Broadcast Asia Highlights!

Please Visit our BOOTH #: 6J2-05 @ UK Pavilion to view our Hawk-Woods products. 26 - 28 June 2018 @ SUNTEC SINGAPORE

Featuring: Reel Power Battery series - 26V Li-Ion Rechargeable 

 Compact - Light-weight DV-F990 10,200mAh 7.2V SONY NP-F ( L- series)

Going light and smaller but high capacity!

VL-M50 50Wh 14.4V mini VLok and VL-M98 98Wh mini VLok batteries are in stock now!

4 channel VLok simultaneous charger ( IN STOCK NOW!)

& MORE VLok Camera and Monitor adapters coming to you soon!